Trefi belief

At Trefi we believe that companies should have access to finance in accordance with the quality of their products and services.

Therefore we provide tools to companies to improve the relationships with the companies’ buyers and suppliers and improve the risk profile.

Therefore we provide financiers tools to provide the right amount of finance at the right time to the right company.

The vision of Trefi is to resolve information asymmetry in finance of SME, whilst reducing cost. Solving the information asymmetry problem will revolutionize the financing on offer to MSME.

We want to make the product as accessible as possible. Therefore we work with financiers and partners to distribute the Trefi promise.

Who is Trefi?

Trefi is a not for profit foundation with the vision to resolve working capital problems.

Trefi is managed by a board that represents the companies and financiers on the platform.

Trefi believes in creating and maintaining a sustainable partner network to maximize impact.

How does Trefi work?

Trefi provides companies tools to improve the financial relationship with its buyers and suppliers, ensuring and liquefying trade.

Trefi allows financiers to provide finance at low cost and risk. Financiers may integrate Trefi in their own offering or use the Trefi platform. 

What is in it for me?

Trefi provides tools to enable companies to optimise their working capital, reduce their risk profile and stimulate their growth.

Trefi provides tools for financiers to enable them to provide the right amount of finance at the right time. The system is completely automated which means that a financier can be up and running in a day. Trefi can also be deeply integrated into the financier’s online offering and back-office.

Trefi provides several opportunities for investors. By reducing risk and costs Trefi offers investment managers propositions with offering unprecedented risk-return on investment in SME finance.

How do I use Trefi

Companies can be up and running in a day:

  • Sign up on Trefi
  • Connect your ERP to Trefi or start sending invoices using Trefi
  • Provide information about you and your company
  • Sign the finance contract
  • Accept the financing offer of your choice


  • Contact us to subscribe to the platform
  • Sign the documentation
  • Start financing or start integration into proprietary offerings


Trefi enables access to finance based on quality of products and services


While using the Trefi tools companies improve their cash flow, reduce risk on customers and improve supplier relationships while focusing on the core of their business.

Low Risks

Trefi achieves low risk by enabling finance at the right time and in the right amount

Low Risks

By sharing the knowledge that companies have about their buyers and suppliers, Trefi creates timely information that make financial decisions more informed and fast.

Low Costs

Trefi achieves low cost by enabling collaboration between companies and between companies and financiers

Low Costs

Trefi creates value by removing risk and duplication of work. The benefits are shared by participating companies, financiers and partners

Private and secure

Trefi treats all information entrusted confidential. Only with the consent of the company information is shared.

Private and secure

The governance of Trefi ensures the continued privacy of data.

Trefi operates a highly secure system infrastructure. Trefi operates in accordance with ISO 27001, the standard for information security availability and integrity


Trefi integrates with other information systems.


Companies and financiers may integrate Trefi into their IT platform and choose which functionality of Trefi is used.


Trefi collaborates with financiers, companies and its partners


By reinvesting all income into platform enhancement and by collaborating with companies, financiers and its partners Trefi will deliver what is needed, sustainably.

For Companies

With Trefi :

  • Your company will increase access to finance
  • Your company will have more flexibility with payment terms, resulting in more satisfied clients
  • Your company will smooth invoice to cash
  • Your company will ease purchase to pay
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For Financiers


  • Helps financiers including banks, funds and credit unions to provide working capital at lower risk, capital and cost
  • Provides the most complete receivable finance solution on the market with crm, risk, back office and collections
  • Provides a full set of tools for the clients of financiers that can be integrated in other offerings
  • Provides banks Basel IRB compliant risk tools for its lending portfolio, with power exceeding alternatives
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What People Say About us

Hessel Lindenbergh
Trefi is an initiative each bank should look at. Its risk and cost savings and the tools for customers provide a huge competitive advantage. I foresee a future where there are no SME finance problems. I foresee a future where access to working capital for SME is the same as for Large Corporations.

Hessel Lindenbergh

- Board Member of Capital Tool Company
Sir Robert Malpas
It is impressive how the Trefi team has engineered a platform that helps companies to manage order to cash and invoices to payment. With the liquidity this brings companies can focus on their core.

Sir Robert Malpas

- Board member of Capital Tool Company
Rob Grimberg
When I was working in the bank on models for capital management, I saw a huge potential in the supply chain data. By a combination of big data techniques and incentives for companies, we have been able to deliver some of the most timely and predictive risk assessments. Helping quality business to grow makes me proud.

Rob Grimberg

- Founder of Trefi
Frederik Redelé
Trefi is build for scale. Its quality control measures exceed anything I have seen in the financial markets and far beyond regulators requirements. Companies can trust their cash flow is safe with Trefi. Banks and fund managers using the platform can achieve lower funding cost rapidly by using Trefi or integrating Trefi in their offering.

Frederik Redelé

- Quality Director of Commenda International

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